HDPE - PPR Pipe Extrusion Lines

PE - PPR Pipe Extrusion Lines

HDPE-PPR Pipe Extrusion Lines

Plastmach's singe screw extruders are for extrusion of polyolefin (HDPE, HDPE PLB Ducting, PP, PP-R & LLDPE, LDPE) pipes. The extruders with screw diameters 16 mm to 400 mm are available for output range 100 kg/hr to 500 kg/hr.

This field proven design of energy efficient extruders comes with a combination of barrier screw and grooved feed bush results into optimum performance. Thus, resulting into a high-quality PE pipe which can be used for wide range of processing applications.


  • Energy-efficient extruder (one electrical unit delivering 3-4 kgs outputs)
  • Provides excellent linearity of outputs
  • Long screw designs with L/D ratio of 36:1 for excellent melt homogeneity
  • 300 kg/hr pipe output with 45 mm extruder & 500 kg/hr with 60 mm extruders
  • Versatile screw designed for PE & PP random co-polymer
  • Direct coupled gearbox design ensures minimum transmission loss & compact layout
  • Wear-resistant coating guarantees long screw life
  • Grooved feed design extruder for highest efficiency

Unique Advantages

  • Higher productivity compared to conventional design
  • Uniform melt temperature
  • Reduced power consumption (one electrical unit delivering up to 3 kgs to 4 kgs outputs)
  • Wide range of processing applications due to longer L/D ratio
  • Superior physical properties of end product


PE - PPR Pipe Extrusion - Application
PE - PPR Pipe Extrusion - Application
PE - PPR Pipe Extrusion - Application
PE - PPR Pipe Extrusion - Application


HDPE Pipe Extruder
PM-SS Models for HDPE/PPR Pipe Extruders
Screw Diametermm454545456060
L : D Ratio37:137:137:137:137:137:1
Main MotorkW45567590110132
Max. Output (HDPE)kg/hr140-160180-190220-240300-330380-400500-550
Max. Output (PPR)kg/hr80-99100-119130-159180-199220-239300-329

** (We offer single pipe, twin pipe & dual pipe extrusion system as well.)

Die Heads HDPE/PPR


  • Inner spiral pipe surfaces for optimum melt distribution
  • Short purging time with least waste of material
  • Uniform melt flow can be achieved
  • Versatile screw & die designs enables PE & PPR process-ability only by changing the tools alone
  • Possibility with high speed design up to 20 mtr/min for small sizes
Polyolefin Process
PM-PE Models for Die heads HDPE/PPR
Pipe Rangemm20-5020-20063-25090-400
Output Capacity PEkg/hr200350400500
*Outputs on PPR pipes are approx. 35% of the PE outputs
PM-PE Multilayer Pipe Die heads
Pipe Range20-11020-110
Output Capacity300 kg/hr300 kg/hr
Number of layers2 Layer3 Layer
Multilayer PPR die heads are same with little difference in insert sets  & reduced outputs up to 35% of PE

Vacuum Sizing Tanks

Vacuum sizing is the most widely used arrangement for pipe production. We offer vacuum sizing tanks in stainless-steel highest-grade SS-304 for long service life & optimum results. Our vacuum sizing tanks design are suitable for various line requirements.

  • Effective cooling design provided to ensure high production of pipes
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzles are used
  • Accurate vacuum control circuit, water level control circuit & automatic temperature control provided
  • Axial movement provided for easy handling
  • Manual slide rail arrangement for axial and transverse movement of the tank for ease of pipe center alignment
  • Imported filters for inline cleaning
Vacuum Calibration Tanks
Vacuum Sizing Tank
PM-VST Models for Vaccum Sizing Tanks
Pipe Size Range Single-Pipemm20-11020-20050-25075-25090-400
Length Of Coolingmm60006000600060006000
Dual Tanks*with CD 400 mmWith CD 500 mm
Dual Pipe Stand ModelsAvailableAvailable
*Dual pipe strand tanks are offered for dual pipe extrusion

Traction Unit

  • Up to 2 track & 4 track and 6 track & 8 track to suit pipe diameters range
  • Different line speeds available in wide range through servo and non-servo designs as per need
  • Track adjustment by pneumatic pressure control
  • Direct geared drive on individual tracks as standard
  • Counter balance pressure to balance track weight for thin pipes
  • Encoder for length measurement & feedback arrangement offered optionally
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance of all components
  • Dual twin-track traction units for dual pipe extrusion line
Pipe Traction Unit
PM-VST Models for Caterpiller Models
ModelsPM-TTU 110PM-TTU-200PM-TTU-250PM-TTU-250/4PM-TTU 315/4PM-TTU 450/4
Pipe Rangemm16-11020-20050-25063-25063-31575-450
No. of Tracksnos.222444
Max. Line Speedmtrs./min.15 (or 20)10 (or 15)10 (or 15)7 (or 10)77
Minimum Line speedwith std. drive1.2 (or 1.6)0.8 (or 1.2)0.8 (or 1.2)0.56 (or 0.8)0.560.56
Minimum Line speedmpm/with *servo drive option0.15 (or 0.2)0.1 (or 0.15)0.1 (or 0.15)0.07 (or 0.1)0.070.07
Contact Lengthmm80012001600120012001600
Dual Pipe Strand ModelsAvailableAvailable
*Servo option is available on additional charge

Cutting Unit

Tube Cutting Unit (TCU)

  • Carbide tipped cutting blades used in saw cutting units
  • Chip-less cutting designs are available on request
  • Pneumatically operated carriage movement
  • Clamping force adjustable depending upon the wall-thickness of the pipe
  • Swarf removal system available
  • Trolley movement on linear motion bearings
  • Special guillotine designed cutter for PPR pipes
  • Dual cutter for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Digital counter to measure length
  • PLC based controls available optionally
PMC Saw Cutter Models
Pipe Rangemm20-11020-20050-25090-315
Cutting Speed (Max.)mtrs/min.1810106
Clamping FromTopTopTopSide/Top
Dual Pipe Stand  ModelsAvailableAvailable
Cutting Unit

Planetary Cutting Unit (PCU)

  • Suction blower for swarf removal
  • Universal clamping system
  • Self-centering design
  • Range for all pipe range
Pipe Rangemm16-11063-200110-450
Line Speed (Max.)Mtrs/Min.25125
Max. Pipe Thicknessmm202860
Planetary Cutter
Planetary Cutter
Planetary Cutter

Piple Tilting Unit

  • Pneumatically operated
  • Easy receiving of pipes
  • However we also provide inline belling units
  • Two limit switch actuation – one for pipe cutter feedback and other for tilting the pipe
Pipe Tilting Unit

Coiling Unit

  • Two station coiler unit
  • Suitable for pipe size up to 20-125 mm
  • Motorized coiling stations
  • Manual strapping and coil removal
  • Manual traverse
Manual Coiler Machine