Heater Cooler Mixer and Vaccum Convey System

Heater Cooler Mixer Machine

Heater Cooler Mixer

The combination of heater cooler Plastmach mixer is designed as a single robust and an economic unit. This combination consists of a heating the materials at specific temperature and cooling it step by step.

It ensures high speed mixing technology which can be used in various applications of thermoplastic materials or elastomers. They have easily removable covering panels to ensure effortless access to the interior part of the base.

Plastmach mixer offers the best solution to all processors needed for PVC dry blend, both rigid and plasticized.


In high speed heater cooler mixer heat is generated by friction. While mixing the tools rotate at a high speed and due to friction, heat is generated hence it is known at Heater Mixer.

The material (solid, liquid or any pasty components) inside heater chamber has to be properly heated within a specific time. The hot materials should be cooled subsequently in cooling chamber which known as cooler mixer. The material from heating chamber is fed into cooling chamber to cool down at desire temperature.

After cooling the compounds are ready in free flow condition for further process.

Salient Features Of Heater Cooler Mixer

  • Stainless steel vessels with mirror polished surface inside the vessel. Robust design of machine to keep it vibration free
  • Double jacketed heater and cooler vessels to avoid heating loss. Special design of mixing tools with TC coating edge
  • Fast discharging of compound by pneumatically operated valve. Pneuma seal design prevents infiltration of powder in bearings
  • Lid is made of high-quality aluminium or SS. Cooling ring is inside the cooler to enhance cooling capacity of cooler mixer. Optimum design of cooling surface area in cooler mixer
  • Minimum down time for repair and maintenance. Self-cleaning, quick and easy fitting of parts


  • High speed heater cooler mixer with spiral spring conveying systems
  • High speed heater cooler mixer with screw conveying systems
  • High speed heater cooler mixer with vacuum conveying systems
  • Fully automatic with PLC & HMI
Heater Cooler Mixer Machine
Heater Cooler Mixer Machine
Heater Cooler Mixer Machine


Sr. No.ModelsBatch Capacity in KG/BatchDrive in PHM (KW)Drive in PCM (KW)
1PHM 130 – PCM 40040153.7
2PHM 200 – PCM 40070303.7
3PHM 250 – PCM 60090375.0
4PHM 350 – PCM 1000120557.5
5PHM 500 – PCM 150020011011.0

* PHM – Heater Mixer, PCM – Cooler Mixer
* Output depends upon type of materials, recipe, temperature and processing parameter
* Above specification of drive are for general purpose applications

Vacuum Conveying System

  • Vacuum conveying system available to convey material upto 2000 kg/hr
  • Automatic filter bag cleaning system
  • Easy fit on mixer as well as on extruder. Compact design & easy maintenance
  • We can supply complete automation for the plants involving multiple mixers & multiple Pipe extrusion lines
  • We can supply full automation as detailed in our Automation section of Pipe extrusion, for example debagging for big bags, making batch wise recipe by gravimetric multi-component units, vaccum convey and storage into Silos, vaccum convey and supply to pipe extruders, etc.
Vaccum Conveying System