PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines

PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines

PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines

Our Pipe extrusion lines are crafted with superior brand components to ensure stability, optimum performance and fluid efficiency for a wide range of utility.

The standard range covers capacity up to 350 kg/hr & popular pipe size range from 14 mm to 200 mm pipe outer diameters.

However, our flexible approach allows our customers to have unique and custom pipe extrusion solutions tailored to their needs. These can be supplied and purchased as a standalone requirement thus you can upgrade your existing production lines.

Key Features

  • Two piece barrel construction
  • Front barrel with HSS sleeve for long service life & low replacement cost
  • PLC operating controls as standard
  • Tungsten carbide coating provided on twin screws for high wear resistance (optional)
  • Field proven reliable designs
  • 18:1 to 28:1 L/D ratio models
  • Output 170 kg/hr to 350 kg/hr for UPVC pipes
  • Chrome plated on flow surfaces of die heads

General Applications

  • Construction piping for electricals, plumbing, drainage & sewerage
  • Pressure and non-pressure applications
  • Potable water distribution systems
  • Agriculture & irrigation pipes
  • Industrial fluids transportation pipe lines
  • Water & waste-water treatment plants
  • Chemical transportation pipe lines


PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines
PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines
PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines
PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines
PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines
PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines


PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines - Extruder
PM-TS  Models for PVC Pipe Extruders
Models   PM-TS-110 PM-TS-170 PM-TS-200 PM-TS-250 PM-TS-350
Screw Diameter mm 52 65 65 65 71
Screw Speed rpm 5-50 4-45 5-53 5-53 5-53
L/D Ratio 20:01 18:01 18:01 22:01 28:01
Main Motor kW 11 15 22 22 30
Max. Output kg/hr 100-110 150-170 180-200 230-250 330-350
Pipe Range (Single Die) mm 20-110 20-200 20-200 63-250 110-315
Pipe Range (Twin Die) mm 19-50 19-50 19-50 20-110 20-110
USE with Dual Pipe Strand Models Available Available Available Available

** (We offer single pipe, twin pipe & dual pipe extrusion system as well.)

Die Heads | PVC Processing

Plastmach offers field proven reliable design for die heads for variety of applications and considering optimum processing performance.


  • Reliable designs for wide range of pipe sizes and thicknesses.
  • Uniform melt distribution throughout the entire pipe.
  • Twin & Dual Pipe die heads for higher outputs in smaller diameters.
  • Configurations for extruder’s utilization up to 80-100% even in entire range
Die Heads | PVC Processing
Die Heads | PVC Processing
Models for Die heads PVC
Models PM-63 PM-110 PM-110HV PM-200LV PM-200HV
Pipe Range mm 20-63 20-110 20-110 63-200 63-200
Output Capacity up to** Kg/hr 100 200 250 250 320
Dual Pipe Strand Models Available Available Available Available Available

Vacuum Sizing Tanks

Vacuum sizing is the most widely used arrangement for PVC pipe production. We offer vacuum sizing tanks in stainless-steel highest-grade SS-304 for long service life & optimum results. Our vacuum sizing tanks designs are suitable for several line requirements.

  • Effective cooling design provided to ensure high production of pipes
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzles are used
  • Accurate vacuum control circuit, water level control circuit & automatic temperature control provided
  • Axial movement provided for easy handling
  • Manual slide rail arrangement for axial and transverse movement of the tank for easy pipe center alignment
  • Imported filters for inline cleaning
Vacuum Calibration Tanks
Vacuum Sizing Tank
PM-VST Models for Vaccum Sizing Tanks
Models PM-VST-110 PM-VST-200
Pipe size Range Single-Pipe mm 20-110 20-200
Length of cooling mm 6000 6000
DUAL TANKS * with CD-400 mm With CD-500 mm
Dual Pipe Stand Models Available Available
*Dual pipe strand tanks are offered for Dual pipe extrusion

Traction Unit

  • Up to 2 & 4 track to suit pipe diameters
  • Wide range of line speeds possible using SERVO designs
  • Track adjustment by pneumatic control
  • Direct Geared motor on individual tracks
  • Counter balance pressure to balance track weight for thin pipes
  • Encoder for length measurement & feedback arrangement offered optionally
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance of all components
  • Dual twin-track traction units for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Servo design (optional)
  • Thick-thin provision (optional)
Pipe Traction Unit
PM-VST Models for Caterpiller Models
Models   PM-TTU-110 PM-TTU-200
Pipe Range mm 16-110 20-200
No. of Tracks Nos. 2 2
Max. Line Speed Mtrs./Min. 15 (or 20) 10 (or 15)
Minimum Line speed with Std. Drive 1.2 (or 1.6) 0.8 (or  1.2)
Minimum Line speed mpm/with *servo drive option 0.15 (or 0.2) 0.1 (or 0.15)
Contact Length mm 800 1200
Dual Pipe Strand Models Available Available
*Servo option is available on additional charge

Cutting Unit

Tube Cutting Unit (TCU)

  • Rotating circular saw designs
  • Pneumatically operated carriage movement
  • Clamping force adjustable depending upon the wall-thickness of the pipe
  • Swarf removal system optional
  • Trolley movement on linear bearings for long service life
  • Special guillotine design cutter available for PPR pipes
  • Dual cutter for dual pipe extrusion line
  • Digital counter to measure length & actuation of cutting
  • PLC based controls available optionally
PMC Saw Cutter Models
Models Unit PMC-110 PMC-200
Pipe Range mm 20-110 20-200
Cutting Speed (Max.) Mtrs/Min. 18 10
Clamping From Top Top
Dual Pipe Stand  Models Available Available
Cutting Unit

Planetary Cutting Unit (PCU)

  • Planetary/rotary design cutters available for pipe size range 32 mm onwards
  • Inline chamfering is available on these cutters
  • Universal clamping system for self centering design
  • Cutting and chamfering simultaneously
  • Pipe dust and chips suction arrangement
Pipe Range mm 16-110 63-200
Line Speed (Max.) Mtrs/Min. 25 12
Max. Pipe Thickness mm 20 28
Planetary Cutter
Planetary Cutter
Planetary Cutter
Planetary Cutter

Piple Tilting Unit

  • Pneumatically operated
  • Easy receiving of pipes
  • We also provide inline belling units
  • Two limit switch actuation – one for pipe cutter feedback and other for tilting the pipe
Perforated Tilting Tube