Inline Trim Recycling Systems - ALPHA

Inline Trim Recycling Systems - ALPHA


With increasing competition there is focus of industry to enhance efficiency of operations and become competitive through optimized economics. Trim has been a significant cost of operations in Blown film extrusion.

Gone are the days when the trims were considered a waste and recycled into degraded pellets for use in second stage plastic applications. Now processors try and recycle the trim waste for refeeding into the same application. Here the ALPHA offers a complete solution to recycle trim waste into high quality near virgin pellets and re-feed into same extruder. This greatly improves economics & efficiency of operations.

Every Reason to Choose Alpha:

Plasmach’s patented short screw breakthrough technology offers:

  • Minimal power consumption means low running costs to improve the return on investment. Thanks to short screw technology which delivers upto 3.5 to 5 kg per electrical unit consumed depending on application and situations.
  • It ensures low shear, minimum process dwell time and absolute minimal material degradation. One can recycle all the scrap material into high quality pellets there by reducing the material costs.
  • Direct extrusion design cuts down any other requirement of costly equipment. This reduces maintenance and cost of return on investment.
  • Small footprint extrusion machine can be easily installed anywhere thus freeing up valuable space for other applications.
  • SY-View HMI Control is easy to operate and thus reduces personnel overheads.

SST Technology Ensures:

  • Minimal power consumption
  • Low shear
  • Minimum process dwell time
  • Absolute minimal material degradation
  • Highest output/kW installed power in the market
  • Direct extrusion design, no prior size reduction required
  • Perfect for in-line trim recycling
  • Other forms of scrap can be processed
  • Customize Alpha for every application
  • Available in air cooled and water-cooled designs
  • Select from manual, back flush or fully automatic screen changers
  • SY-View HMI Control
  • Small footprint extrusion machine available in the market

Accessories to Alpha:

  • Trim convey systems involving POWERFEED, piping, suction accessories etc.
  • ROLL FEED system for direct feeding of film rolls
  • SUPRATRIM for guided trim feed
  • TRIM BASKET for trims feeding arrangement


Inline Trim Recycling Systems - Accessories
Inline Trim Recycling Systems - Accessories
Inline Trim Recycling Systems - Accessories
Inline Trim Recycling Systems - Accessories
Inline Trim Recycling Systems - Accessories