Multilayer 3 Layer Extruders (ABC)

Multilayer Blown Film Line Machine

The Multilayer blown film plants are offered through associate OEM suppliers & streamlined with European Automation technology (Syncro Group) and expertise based on the modular concept, thus producing diverse as well as excellent quality of film for a wide range of applications.


  • Maximum film width: 2700 mm double film lay flat width.
  • Maximum film output: up to 600-700 kg/hr (based on material recipe, film size, thickness & die lip)
  • Film thickness range: 20 micron to 150 micron (even thicker films possible as per need)
  • Highly reliable gear boxes in each extruder
  • Dual lip air cooling rings (standard or automatic) (European make)
  • Imported IBC control (European make)
  • Fully automatic two station surface winders
  • European make gravimetric batch blender along with GSM control system – (optional)
  • European make auto film thickness measurement control system with auto cooling ring (optional)


  • Packaging laminates for food, milk, grocery, toiletries etc.
  • Packaging laminates for health care products, e-commerce bags
  • Shrink films
  • Stretch films
  • High end shopping bags, grocery bags, t-shirt bags
  • Liners & lamination film for aluminium foil, jute paper and board
  • Liner for woven sacks, cans and other industrial needs
  • Refuse bags, diaper films, packaging of dairy products
  • Construction roofing sheet, green house films
  • Packaging of frozen foods
  • Wrappers for food products, laundry and garbage bag
  • Heat sealed sterilized packages for surgical instruments
  • Garment bags and fresh producing packaging


Multilayer 3 Layer Extruders - Application
Multilayer 3 Layer Extruders - Application
Multilayer 3 Layer Extruders - Application
Multilayer 3 Layer Extruders - Application
Multilayer 3 Layer Extruders - Application


PM – BFE Series of 3 Layer A-B-C Type Multilayer Blown Film Extruders
UnitPM-BFE-1250PM-BFE-1500PM-BFE-1700PM-BFE- 2200
Processing Data
Film Lay flat Width Rangemm600-1250800-15001100-17001500-2200
Film Thickness Range LL/LD/HDmicron20-15020-15020-15020-150
Maximum Film Output
Extruder – Motor RatingkW22/45/2230/45/3030/45/3045/45/45
Thickness Randomisation
Die Lip Sizemm300350375450
Take Off (Horizontal Type)Osc. Haul offOsc. Haul offOsc. Haul off
heavy duty
Osc. Haul off
heavy duty
Roller Widthmm1350160018002300
Two Station Surface WinderSemi AutomaticSemi AutomaticSemi AutomaticSemi Automatic
Operating Requirement
Total Connected LoadkW135165175185
Note: (a) Various configurations are possible for different layer ratio, outputs and film requirements. (b) We offer upgraded controls by single screen supervisory control for whole line, Gravimetric Blending and dosing, Film thickness measurement and control features imported from Europe and fitted on machines. (c) We offer accessories like Corona treater, Automatic winders, Liquid PIB feeding pump systems etc. too as per specific needs.
PM – BFE+ Series of 3 Layer IBC Type Blown Film Extruders
UnitPM-BFE+ 1700PM-BFE+2200PM-BFE+ 2500PM-BFE+ 2700
Processing Data
Film Layflat Width Rangemm1000-17001400-22001600-25001700-2700
Film Thickness Range LL/LD/HDmicron
Maximum Film Output
No. of Extruders3333
L/D Ratio30:130:130:130:1
Extruder Options 1mm60/75/6060/90/6075/90/7575/90/75
Extruder – Motor Rating for Option 1kW45/56/4556/110/5675/110/7575/110/75
Thickness RandomisationReversing Haul Off
Die Lip Sizemm400550600650
Take Off
Roller Widthmm1800230026502850
Main Nip MotorkW1.
Two Station Surface WinderSemi AutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Operating Requirement
Total Connected Load for Option 1kW300415476476