Multilayer Extruders (AB/ABA)

Multilayer Extruders - AB ABA Co

AB & ABA Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machines

Energy Efficient, cost-saving and high output. Plastmach AB & ABA extruder machines are designed to deliver good quality and wrinkle free two-layer or three-layer film economically.
Essentially, it is well equipped with 2 extruders A/B or 2 extruders A/B/A making it an ideal choice for producing high-end plastic products such as shrink films, shipping bags, agricultural insulations, electrical insulation films, medical packaging films and so on.


  • Co-extrusion enables to choose from AB to ABA. It is ideal for 2-layer film with different colour or to apply CaCO3 in middle layer for cost saving.
  • Perfectly suitable for agriculture films, shipping bags, shrink film, consumer packaging and several other uses.

Optional Devices

  • Auto-loader & hot air driers
  • Rotary die heads or fixed die heads
  • Oscillating haul offs; vertical type or horizontal type
  • Screen changer (lever type/hydraulic type/continuous type)
  • OBC – Outer Bubble Cooling
  • Film thickness measurement and control system
  • Corona treaters
  • Embossing rollers
  • Auto winders
  • Double winders
  • Load cell based tension control system
  • In-line flexographic printing attachments (on same frame or separate unit)


  • Carry bag, shopping bag, D cut bag, grocery bag etc.
  • Garbage bag / trash bag
  • Liners
  • General purpose loose packing


Multilayer Extruders - Application
Multilayer Extruders - Application
Multilayer Extruders - Application


PM 45/45 ABA
PM 45/55 AB
PM 45/55 ABA
PM 55/55 AB
PM 55/55 ABA
PM 55/65 AB
PM 55/65 ABA
Applicable MaterialHDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / EVA / Recycled PE / CACO3
Screw Dia. (Mm)A: 45
B: 45
A: 45
B: 55
A: 55
B: 55
A: 55
B: 65
Max. Film Width (Mm)700/1000120014001600
Max. Output Upto80-100 Kg/hr120-140 Kg/hr130-160 Kg/hr180-220 Kg/hr
Screw L/D RatioA: 30:1
B: 30:1
A: 30:1
B: 30:1
A: 30:1
B: 30:1
A: 30:1
B: 30:1
Main Motor (W/Inverter)A: 20 HP
B: 20 HP
A: 25 HP
B: 40 HP
A: 40 HP
B: 40 HP
A: 40 HP
B: 60 HP

*Above are some standard models, however specifications are subject to change with requirements of application. We configure machines as per the exact requirement.